Our Services

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Our Services

Metro Shipping Agency provides Full Agency Services at all ports in Turkey.

Representing all types of vessels, subjected to Turkish Straits and Ports

Our wide range of services includes;

Port Agency Services

Pre arrival coordination with authorities, port administration and cargo representatives

Liner services and provision of planned and pre arranged onboard services

Coordination for delivery of bunker, stores and ship supplies

Receive and attend cargo claims on behalf of Principals

Shipyard assistance

Marine Services

Berthing allocation / storage

Immigration, Customs, Port & Harbour Policed

Pilot, towage, stevedoring

Garbage, slops,sewage disposal arrangements

Master clearance for arrival & departure

Owners matters and Crew assistance

Ensure on behalf of Principals operational efficiency

General crew assistance including crew changes, visas, etc...

Provide Cast to Master

Provide Master's requirements

Medical Assistance

Crew medial assistance

Regularly updated medical reports

Hospitalization / Repatriation

24 hours service


Metro Shipping Agency

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